Club Avon

Club Avon is an online health/ beauty shop in Essex, was looking for a digital marketing partner who would deliver designs & developments, marketing campaigns and social media management,
They partnered with mcpluz in order to achieve their objectives, and we are happy to work with such a forward thinking company as their ideas and concepts was always challenging for us to deliver.


What Our Clients Say About Us

" mcpluz always had the "can do" attitude for all our requests, when ever we request them a design or an alteration to the prototypes, they always delivered the expectation in advance "

Sharon Kirsten

Company Name: Club Avon
Designation: owner

"I looked long and hard to find a person I felt comfortable to work with and could assist and deliver projects  on time, on budget and most importantly we just loved the work !!.."

I. Mahela

Company Name: e Home systems Limited
Designation: CEO

" Vidana has a sound all-round knowledge of designing and online marketing. He is capable to work on tight deadlines and come up with unique solutions. He came up with a solid idea of cloud platform to integrate our day to day interaction with clients which cut down our manual work load significantly and delivered more happy clients on our side. I would not hesitate to recommend MC plus's work!! "

C.Y. Iqbal

Company Name: C & Y Associates
Designation: Proprietor

"Vidana has some excellent ideas and comes up with really inspiring designs, Always great value  he is always on time and excite to work with . Definitely recommended !!.."

T. Opatha

Company Name: MGM Facility Services
Designation: Managing Director

"Mc pluz Treats us and every client promptly, I am delighted with the designs you produced for our website, and promotional materials. It has been a pleasure to work with such a nice company, I would strongly recommend mcpluz to anyone requiring design.."

A. Abbas

Company Name: Llloyds Accountants
Designation: Project Cordinator

' MC Pluz is one of the best companies I have worked with, Patient, Trustworthy and Broad researches to deliver high performances, attention to details and delivering the expectations at an exceeding level ...'

S. Fernando

Company Name: VMD Consultants
Designation: Senior Recruitment Consultant

"I am very amazed with MC pluz Consulting. They are exceedingly efficient and professional. They get to the interior issues and propose firm recommendations. Coaching with MC pluz, supported me and my organisation to o identify hidden issues which I wasn’t seen before..."

I. De Silva

Company Name: Uk Green Homes Limited
Designation: Managing Director

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  1. mcpluz

    Love the ideas of Club Avon and they were always challenging concepts and, we are looking forward for more skill twisting projects!! -love from mcpluz

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